Who Are We

Established in 2023, SPORTIVERSE is an innovative sports travel platform founded by two sports and travel enthusiasts. It aims to connect the world through sports and provide unique and memorable travel experiences. By participating in activities such as marathons, cycling tours, and hiking trips, SPORTIVERSE is dedicated to inspiring people to explore the world in different ways. The current team includes the Kenya Running Cultural Experience Tour, Japan Cycling Tour, Japan Hiking Tour, and the support of elite athletes in organizing overseas training and competitions.

We are firm believers in the power of sports to unite people across the globe and transcend cultural boundaries. Inspired by the motto of SPORTIVERSE, "Sports Connecting the Universe," we aim to create extraordinary moments for sports and travel enthusiasts, leaving indelible memories that will last a lifetime.

Linus Cheng

  • Co-founder of SPORTIVERSE

  • Author of the Chinese version of Famous Travel Guide - Lonely Planet

  • Global cycling travel expert

  • Marathon runner

  • Previous works: 《滾動到世界盡頭》、《我們都是在旅途上長大的》