Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sportiverse?
Sportiverse HK is an innovative sports travel platform. For more details, please refer to "About Us"

What services do you provide?

  • We collaborate with licensed travel agencies to organize themed sports group tours, such as overseas running, cycling, and hiking.

  • Customized sports-themed group tours with personalized services and itineraries.

  • Assistance with overseas race registration, transportation, and accommodation arrangements.

  • Collaboration with professional athletes and running clubs to organize local and overseas training camps.

  • Arrangements for overseas training camps for professional athletes.

About Sportiverse HK

What does the tour fee include ?

The tour fee generally includes all listed itineraries, activities, local transportation, entrance fees to attractions, most meals, accommodation, driver and tour guide fees, and team leader services. Some tours also include travel insurance and visas. Generally not included are round-trip flights from Hong Kong to the destination, SIM cards, optional activities, personal expenses, and meals not included in the itinerary. (For details, please refer to the itinerary of each tour.)

How many people are required to form a group? What is the maximum number per group?

The minimum number required to form a group and the maximum number per group vary. To ensure the best experience for each participant, our groups are generally small, with no more than 20 people. Individual groups may also be formed with a very small number of participants (such as 3-4 people). Once a group is formed, it is guaranteed to depart as scheduled.

I'm not from Hong Kong. Can I still register?

We welcome anyone to register, but we cannot assist non-Hong Kong residents with purchasing plane tickets and travel insurance.

Do I need to purchase travel insurance myself?

Some tours include travel insurance, while others do not. For tours without travel insurance (such as the Japan tour, where the stay duration varies among participants), participants need to purchase and provide travel insurance for our records.

How can I enjoy the early bird discount?

Most tours offer early bird discounts. Simply fill out the registration form within the discount period to enjoy the early bird offer.

What are "recommended flights"?

While most tours allow participants to purchase their own flight tickets to the meeting point, we also offer "recommended flights" that best fit our itinerary. We can assist participants departing from Hong Kong in purchasing these flights at a discounted price, and a tour leader will accompany the recommended flights.


Do you assist with visa applications?

If a visa is required for the destination, we will assist participants in obtaining it once. However, approval is determined by the local government department. If a participant is ultimately unable to obtain a visa, we will charge an HK$500 processing fee and arrange for a refund of the remaining tour fee.

If I have special dietary requirements (such as vegetarian or food allergies), can you accommodate me?
Please inform us when registering, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. If certain regions or itineraries cannot accommodate your requirements, we will notify you in advance to prepare your own meals.

Are there any requirements for participation in sports-themed tours such as running or cycling?

As long as you have a passion for the sport, you can participate. We do not have specific requirements for participants' speed, ability, or experience, but it's preferable for participants to have a regular exercise routine for the best travel experience.

Can I register alone? What is the "single room surcharge"?

Yes, our tour fees are based on "sharing a room," meaning solo participants may be assigned to share a room with someone of the same gender. If you require a guaranteed single room, a "single room surcharge" will be applied. The surcharge varies for each tour, and some itineraries may not be able to arrange a single room for every night.

How do I make payment?

Our staff will inform you of the payment methods via email. Typically, payment is made by bank transfer to a Hong Kong bank account.

How do I register?

Fill out the registration form, and a staff member will contact you via email.

How much deposit is required?

A 50% deposit is required upon registration, with the remaining balance due 45 days before departure. Failure to pay the full tour fee by 45 days before departure will be considered as forfeiting the registration, and any fees already paid will not be refunded.

Can I extend my stay in the destination?

Please inform us when registering and provide your return flight ticket for our records. Some tours, such as the Kenya long-distance running tour and training camps, can arrange for extended stays upon request.

How do I make payment?

Our staff will inform you of the payment methods via email. Typically, payment is made by bank transfer to a Hong Kong bank account.

What do I need to prepare before departure?

Check the validity of your travel documents, prepare personal clothing according to the requirements of each tour, bring necessary medication, foreign currency, power adapters, phone cards, etc.

Will there be a briefing session?

A briefing session will be held one month before departure (except for self-guided tours) to explain the tour's details and allow participants to interact.

How much money should I bring?

Our tour fees include most local expenses, but participants should bring additional funds for personal expenses as needed.

Are there any vaccines required?

For trips to Kenya or other remote areas, please make an appointment with the Department of Health's Travel Health Centre at least 1 month in advance and follow the doctor's instructions for vaccinations and purchasing medications. (Yellow fever vaccination and malaria prophylaxis are generally required for trips to East Africa.)

Please refer to: [link to the Department of Health's Travel Health Centre]

If I suddenly can't depart, can I get a refund?

We reserve the right not to refund participants who are unable to depart for any reason. In exceptional circumstances, please contact us, and we will try our best to assist while ensuring the interests of both parties.

Before Departure

If I purchase my own flight ticket, how do I meet the group?

Please coordinate with the tour leader before departure and arrive at the designated meeting point at the specified time. If a participant misses the meeting time, they will need to arrange their own transportation to meet the group.

Can I leave the group midway?

We recommend that participants follow the group itinerary as much as possible. If a participant insists on leaving the group, they will need to sign a consent form. Sportiverse HK will no longer be responsible for the participant's itinerary, accommodation, or safety after leaving the group, and no refunds will be provided.

What should I do if I fall ill or get injured during the trip?

We will arrange for sick or injured participants to receive treatment at a local licensed medical facility while ensuring the safety of all participants. If a participant is unable to continue the journey after rest, we will assist in arranging local treatment or an early return to Hong Kong.

During the Journey

How many people can join a private tour?

Depending on the budget, any number of people can negotiate a private tour with us, and we will provide the most suitable solution according to your requirements.

What itineraries are available for chartering?

All our existing tour itineraries (such as the Kenya long-distance running tour, Japan cycling tour, and Japan hiking tour) can be arranged for chartering. Additionally, if you have other sports-themed travel ideas such as running, cycling, hiking, skiing, or training camps, you can discuss with our professional team. Please fill out the inquiry form or contact us via email .

About Private Tour

Please fill out the inquiry form or contact us via email .

Other Inquiries